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Japan Airlines to introduce dedicated freighters

May 15, 2023 by Payload Asia

For the first time in 13 years JAL will operate its own freighter.

Japan Airlines wants to further grow its cargo and mail business and has announced that it will introduce three Boeing 767-300ER freighters for dedicated cargo operations by the end of this year.

JAL has been securing revenues reliably and efficiently in the air cargo business by using cargo space on passenger flights and chartering other companies’ freighters in response to demand.

With the introduction of the freighter, the airline will operate under a new business model that will capture stable demand, improve aircraft utilization ratio and ensure profitability.

“To capture domestic and international e-commerce, parcel delivery, and other high growth cargo, we will build alliances with logistics partners and operate routes that ensure stable demand,” the airline said.

“We will ensure that domestic air transportation plays a growing role in response to the ‘2024 issue’ and limit business risks caused by fluctuations in demand and market conditions.

The ‘2024 issue’ refers to the foreseen shortage of truck drivers in Japan as new restrictions regarding overtime come into effect in Japan next year.

JAL said it will begin operating international flights mainly to East Asia from the end of this year. It will also operate domestic flights in the future to improve aircraft utilization and maximize cargo loading ratio, whilst flexibly offering charter and non-scheduled flights.

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