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Hong Kong faces more cross-border trucking restrictions

By Damian Brett

Supply chains operating through Hong Kong are once again facing restrictions on cross-border truck operations due to Covid-restrictions.

Freight forwarder Dimerco said that increasing Covid cases around Shenzhen have led to the city reducing daily cross-border truck movements from 3,500 to 1,500.

The restrictions began on July 25 and reduce truck capacity to around 10-20% of usual levels.

“In addition, stricter testing policies have been enacted. Truck drivers must show proof of a negative test result within 24 hours, versus the previous 48 hours, from July 24 to July 31,” Dimerco said.

As a result of the truck restrictions, Dimerco is expecting to see a significant rise in demand for sea feeder services to transport cargo to Hong Kong.

Flexport also warned of delays to Shenzhen shipments travelling via Hong Kong.

“Shenzhen-Hong Kong cross border operations have also been affected due to a surge in Covid cases and a subsequent quota reduction of at least 50%,” it said.

“Shipments that need to be trucked to Hong Kong should expect longer transit times.”

Restrictions were also put in place on cross-border truck operations earlier in the year as China battled a series of Covid outbreaks.

At the time, Hong Kong-hubbed airline Cathay Pacific said the trucking restrictions were one of the main reasons for its demand declines.

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