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Etihad Cargo widens road feeder services in Europe

July 7, 2023 by Payload Asia

A new partnership is expected to enhance Etihad Cargo’s capabilities in Europe as the airline tapped Wallenborg Transports and its road feeder service network of 90 airports in 27 countries.

The move is expected to facilitate the transport of cargo between Etihad Cargo’s main freighter gateways in Europe, including Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt, as well as offline stations.

The airline has entered into strategic partnerships with RFS providers around the globe to strengthen its value proposition through fast, efficient and reliable end-to-end cargo transport from arrival in-airport onto final destination.

Wallenborg said highlights of the partnership include dedicated capacity, 24/7 customer support and handling services in 27 countries. It will also offer specialised logistics solutions, such as GDP-validated transport for temperature-sensitive healthcare products.

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