Air cargo in longest slump since global financial crisis

  By Damian Brett Air cargo is now in its longest slump in demand since the global financial crisis in 2008. The latest figures from IATA show that demand in freight tonne km (FTK) terms declined by 3.9% year on year in August. IATA director general and chief executive said the figures were “deeply concerning”. “The impact of the US-China trade war on air freight volumes was the

Pemerintah Targetkan Biaya Logistik Indonesia 10% di 2045

Pemerintah Targetkan Biaya Logistik Indonesia 10% di 2045 Rabu, 9 Oktober 2010 Oleh: Desi Angriani   Jakarta: Pemerintah menargetkan biaya logistik nasional turun menjadi 10 persen terhadap Pertumbuhan Domestik Bruto (PDB). Proyeksi ini menyusul upaya Indonesia dalam mencapai predikat negara berpenghasilan tinggi atau negara maju pada 2024 nanti.   "Kalau kita sudah

Shanghai airfreight rates improve as cargo switches from Hong Kong

By Damian Brett   The price of air cargo out of Shanghai airport has begun to improve over recent weeks as cargo volumes have shifted from Hong Kong to the Chinese hub. The latest figures from Tac Index show that prices from Shanghai to Europe last week increased by 4.7% compared with a week ago to $2.43 per kg, while prices to the US were up by 4% to $3.13 per kg. Conversely, prices from Hong Kong to Europe

Air cargo hits the ground with a bump in August

By Damian Brett   The air cargo industry was brought back to earth in August as freight volumes declined by 7.1% compared with a year earlier. Analyst WorldACD said that in July, there had been some hopes that air cargo could be on the road to recovery as it posted a decline of 4.2%,  an improvement on performance during the rest of the year. However, the drop in August “brought the

Alert: Prep for potential no-deal Brexit delays, tariffs

 Alert: Prep for potential no-deal Brexit delays, tariffs Brexit (short for “British exit”) refers to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. To trade with the EU after a no-deal Brexit, UK companies must first register with HM Revenue & Customs for an economic operator registration and identification (EORI) number. AIT’s global team is fully conversant with all customs procedures, including


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