Sudah 20 Tahun Daya Saing Ekspor RI Tak Ada Perubahan

Jakarta -  Menteri Keuangan Sri Mulyani Indrawati mengungkapkan daya saing Indonesia di bidang ekspor tidak mengalami perubahan selama 20 tahun terakhir. Hal itu karena Indonesia masih fokus pada sumber daya alam (SDA) dan sektor manufaktur berteknologi rendah. "20 tahun tidak ada perubahan pada daya saing ekspor komoditas kita. Kita masih berkutat di SDA dan ada industri manufaktur tapi yang

Jokowi Asks for Lenient Import Policy as Coronavirus Fears Disrupt Supply Chain

Jokowi Asks for Lenient Import Policy as Coronavirus Fears Disrupt Supply Chain BY :BERITASATU MARCH , 2020 Jakarta. President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has asked officials and importers not to complicate import procedures from China as the global supply chain continues to be disrupted by the Covid-19 outbreak, at the same

Breaking news: IATA postpones World Cargo Symposium

IATA has postponed this year’s World Cargo Symposium as a result of coronavirus-related cancellations. The three-day event has become the largest annual event in the air cargo calendar, attracting more than 1,000 attendees and 40 exhibitors. The show had been due to take place next week in Istanbul, but the airline association said that despite there being no reported cases in Turkey, it had taken the decision to

Government reactions to coronavirus inconsistent, says AAPA

Measures taken by governments in response to the coronavirus outbreak are not always helpful, according to the Director General of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines. “The proliferation of uncoordinated travel advisories and border restrictions imposed by governments, whilst well-intentioned, are inconsistent with WHO recommendations and International Health Regulations, and only serve to amplify public concern,” said

IATA: Worst year for air cargo since 2009 financial crisis

06 / 02 / 2020 By Rachelle Harry Recent airfreight trends have been maintained, IATA’s latest market analysis detailing full-year results for 2019, has reported. Meanwhile, the impact of the coronavirus on the aviation sector continues to cause uncertainty for the future. Industry-wide freight tonne kms (FTK) for the year declined by 3.3% year on year, while available freight tonne kms (AFTK) increased by


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