Alert: Prep for potential no-deal Brexit delays, tariffs



 Alert: Prep for potential no-deal Brexit delays, tariffs

Brexit (short for “British exit”) refers to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. To trade with the EU after a no-deal Brexit, UK companies must first register with HM Revenue & Customs for an economic operator registration and identification (EORI) number.

AIT’s global team is fully conversant with all customs procedures, including duty and tax payments. Should any of your import items become subject to new taxes, tariffs or duties, we can help you through the process—including EORI registration, customs declaration and tax payment via our customs deferment account.
In the event of a no-deal Brexit, AIT is prepared for business as normal. The global team has the knowledge, resources and experience to handle shipments and can facilitate urgent air shipment requests that may be unable to travel to or from the United Kingdom by road service
For details on how a no-deal Brexit might affect your AIT-managed shipments from both inside and outside of the EU into the United Kingdom, please review the table below.

Expected No-Deal Brexit Impacts on AIT Shipping



From Outside EU

From Inside EU

Customs Clearance and Transit

No delays expected

Potential delays* for consignments traveling in/out of the United Kingdom by road via main ports

*AIT can offer flexible air solutions in event that road freight cannot meet your requirements post Brexit


No impacts

No impacts

Intra-UK Deliveries and Collections

No impacts

No impacts


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