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IATA calls for Aviation Masterplan

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has called on Indonesia's stakeholders to partner in the development of an aviation masterplan based on global standards to ensure that the country is served by an aviation industry performing at its best. IATA identified three potential elements to be addressed in the masterplan: improving safety, ensuring capacity and a smart regulation framework. "Indonesia's aviation

What is ACC3?

The ACC3 (Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport) regulation was created in response to the October 2010 'printer cartridge bomb' incident which highlighted the risk of explosive devices being introduced into 'secure' supply chains. In August 2011, new EU regulations were adopted for the security of incoming air cargo and mail which required independent validation of air cargo facilities

Industri Perawatan dan Reparasi Pesawat Butuh Dukungan

JAKARTA, KOMPAS - Pelaku industri jasa perawatan penerbangan di Indonesia membutuhkan dukungan agar makin optimal menggarap pasar. Hal ini diperlukan mengingat potensi besar perkembangan industri penerbangan. "Nilai bisnis industri perawatan penerbangan dalam negeri berkisar 900 juta hingga 1 miliar dolar AS, tetapi selama ini hanya 30 persen yang digarap pelaku dalam negeri," kata Chairman Indonesia Aircraft Maintenance

More carriers joining lithium battery ban

From 1 April lithium ion batteries will be banned from the bellies and freighters of Qantas and Jetstar aircraft, joining an earlier ban by rival Virgin Australia, as well as US-based United and Delta Air Lines. Passengers using lithium ion batteries to power devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops can continue to bring them on board Qantas aircraft as carry-on luggage, the carrier said. The move comes after the Qantas Group


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