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AirAsia launches blockchain-based cargo booking platform

Teleport, AirAsia’s logistics division, has launched Freightchain — a new digital air cargo platform operated using blockchain. Freightchain enables freight forwarders and shippers to instantly book and confirm cargo on any of AirAsia’s 247 aircraft “without the need to go through traditional time-consuming sales or email channels”. The platform facilitates on-demand bookings in real-time

Express Air Freight in Times of Corona

With constantly changing flight schedules and passenger flights coming to a near standstill, time:matters, the expert for Special Speed Logistics is experiencing a challenging phase. To best master the business hurdles resulting from COVID-19, the company is continuously developing its flexible and customized global transport solutions. Just one example of many: To secure the transport of stem cells, the company convinced airline

25 Million Jobs at Risk with Airline Shutdown

  25 Million Jobs at Risk with Airline Shutdown Geneva – The International Air Transport Association has released new analysis showing that some 25 million jobs are at risk of disappearing with plummeting demand for air travel amid the COVID-19 crisis. Globally, the livelihoods of some 65.5

TAC Index: Airfreight rates continue to increase but signs of a slowdown

  By Damian Brett   Airfreight rates on the main trade lanes out of China and between Europe and the US increased again last week as capacity is “rapidly” coming back into the market. The latest figures from TAC Index show that average prices on services from Shanghai to North America last week increased by 15% on a week earlier to $6.59 per kg. This a record on the route for the TAC Index


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